Thank you for your interest in Lions Gate Montessori! We encourage you to explore our website and learn about Montessori at our school.

We warmly welcome new students and families to join the Lions Gate Montessori community and encourage you to contact us with your questions. After your initial visit, we invite you to keep in touch during the Admissions process. We aim to be informative while providing ease in the application process and look forward to assisting you.


Geometry Artwork

Geometric Design by Upper Elementary Student

The Montessori program offers a curriculum that is designed to be covered in time spans correlating to specific phases of development in children: Three years for ages 3 to 6 and six years for ages 6 to 12. Students who enter or leave the program without the completion of full cycle(s) run the risk of not fully realizing the full benefits of the program. We encourage all our students to complete each entire program in order to derive its maximum benefits. While all children benefit from Montessori, the earlier they begin and the longer they remain, the greater the benefit.

Due to the nature of our program, we strongly recommend entering our school at the Primary Level (age 3) so as to establish a strong foundation in the Montessori approach. Spaces for new students at the elementary level are limited and become available only when existing students withdraw, provided there are no existing students “graduating up” to fill the spots.

The following admission and re-registration policies and criteria have been designed to maximize the compatibility among selected students, their families, and the school within the context of the school’s Montessori philosophy and educational values. Therefore, they take into account not only evidence of a student’s progress and compatibility with the program, but also his/her family’s commitment to the development of the whole child as well as a productive partnership with the school that will support such growth for their child and for all students in the program.

1. We practice, and teach by example, a policy of non-discrimination towards race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation and national origin.

2. Admission and re-registration decisions require, and are made contingent upon, receipt of all requested forms, letters, waivers, tests, screenings, student records, student and family visits and interviews, as well as any other applicable documents and fees received as required.

3. We respect the rights of privacy of all past, present and prospective students and families, and honour the confidentiality of all reports, records, interview information, and any other information or materials obtained as part of the admission and re-registration application process.

4. While embracing the philosophy that each child develops in a unique way, and therefore welcoming applications and re-registrations from a wide variety of student backgrounds, we also recognize our limitations in meeting complex or specialized learning needs. Our admissions and re-registration procedures will therefore take into account our ability to accommodate particular students’ special needs without disruption to our program as one factor when evaluating applicants for admission and re-registration. Students who have special needs that fall within our ability to address may be accepted on a provisional basis with additional stipulations such as a requirement for tutor or therapist assistance.

5. All students must re-register each year. Acceptance for enrollment in any current school year does not guarantee continuing enrollment in a subsequent year. The School’s primary objective is to find the right match between student, family and school. As each year progresses, the School will continue to monitor each child’s progress and his or her family’s support for the School’s policies, programs and ideals. The School recognizes the right of currently enrolled students to consider other educational options and provides appropriate support in that process. The School reserves the right to refuse admission, or remove the student from the School should the School deem that it is not or is no longer an appropriate match with either the student or the student’s family.

6. Admissions and re-registration decisions are made by an Admissions Committee which may consist of the Principal, school administration, teachers and any other relevant professionals or specialists who may be appointed by the Board of Directors. Admission and re-registration decisions for students will be based on a careful and comprehensive review by the Committee of all submitted material (student records, etc.), student and family interviews, any admissions tests or screenings, and the class visit. We thoroughly assess each applicant’s interests and potential. Students and families deemed to be the best fit will be invited to join the school, space permitting.


Primary Students (Ages 3, 4 and 5)

  • Children age 3 by December 31 (September enrollment)
  • Children age 3 by March 31 (January enrollment)
  • Children age 5 by December 31 (September enrollment) & previous Montessori experience or suitable background
  • Is developmentally functional in all aspects of daily school routines
  • Is independent in personal hygiene skills

Elementary and Adolescent Students (Grades 1 and Up)

  • Has previous Montessori experience or a background suitable to our Montessori program
  • Is able to cooperate in a social group
  • Demonstrates respect for themselves, other children, and school
  • Demonstrates an eagerness to learn
  • Is capable of working independently
  • Is able to understand and follow school and classroom directives and guidelines
  • Is developmentally functional in all aspects of daily school routines
  • Current academic and life skills are at a level commensurate with targeted class


  • Understanding of and commitment to the Montessori philosophy, vision and principles as applied by the school
  • Understanding of and commitment to on-going participation in the Montessori education process in accordance with the school’s vision, policies and practices
  • Understanding and performing their role within the school (e.g.attendance at school meetings, workshops and functions as participants and volunteers, etc.)
  • Adhere to, support and promote the School’s directives and policies

In the absence of age and gender consideration in the student population of each class, priority admissions and re-registration may apply for returning students and siblings of children who are attending our schools. Only those families deemed by the school to be the best fit for our program will be considered for admission and re-registration.

Admission and re-registration is at the sole discretion of the school.

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