Our school is committed to financial integrity while keeping tuition affordable. It is required that parents/guardians understand and accept the obligation of tuition as per the tuition contract. Withdrawal of a student does not terminate the tuition obligation.

Additional costs that can be anticipated are for field trip activities. While all students attend field trips locally, at modest expense, upper elementary and adolescent students participate in such educational programs as the Montessori Model United Nations conferences and other excursions outside the province, requiring greater financial commitments. Students have been successful in fundraising for past trips, thereby reducing fees. However, it is ultimately up to each family to pay the full costs.

Non-Refundable Registration Fee $100            

Non-Refundable New Student Entrance Fee (Grades 1 & Up)  $1,000


First and Second Year Half-Day Primary (3 & 4 Year Olds) $600/month
Optional French Language Fee for Half-Day Primary Students $75/month
Optional Mandarin Language Fee for Half-Day Primary Students $75/month

Elementary and Adolescent  $9,000/annum  

First sibling of an existing student: 5% discount   I   Additional siblings 10% discount  

Tuition fees are dependent on the school receiving the Ministry of Education per student operating grant from the province. As a Group 1 school, Lions Gate Montessori receives 50% of the per student operating costs of the the local public school district. If this grant is not received, your child’s tuition fee will be increased by what the school would otherwise have received as a grant. In order to qualify for the provincial grant, parents must be permanent residents of B.C., a Canadian Citizen, landed immigrant or otherwise lawfully admitted to Canada and meet attendance criteria including exclusive enrollment at our school. Lions Gate Montessori does not receive any provincial funding for capital expenses nor for pre-school students.

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