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Health Link BC: Health Advice 24/7, Call 811 in British Columbia
HealthLinkBC is the gateway to access non-emergency health and safety information in BC. It offers services by phone (8-1-1) and on the net (click image on the left). It also has a collection of print (BC HealthGuide handbook and HealthLinkBC files), and telephone resources, which put both services and health information into the hands of BC residents. HealthLinkBC’s goal is to enable residents to better manage their health and the health of their families.

All information concerning your child’s allergies, food or environmental must be provided to the school. This information, which should include the indications of an allergic reaction and actions to be taken, will be kept on file to be used in case of emergencies.

Certain foods such as peanuts and peanut products will be omitted from our school snack entirely if the Head of School deems it to be hazardous. Class allergy information is sent out at the beginning of each year and updated as necessary. We ask all families to be sensitive to allergies by avoiding the sending in of class birthday treats or snacks that contain substances that any students may be allergic to.

The school provides healthy and nutritious snacks (organic, where possible) such as seasonal fresh fruits, vegetables, rice cakes, and crackers, as well as filtered water for your child. It is mandatory to advise the school in writing of any known allergies (food and otherwise) affecting your child.

Lunch at our school provides a relevant opportunity to help our students acknowledge their personal bounty. It is the school’s policy to use this time to help children appreciate the concepts of healthy eating and gracious living. Etiquette guidelines and the observance of manners with respect to the service, consumption and completion of a meal are presented to our students.

Extended-day and elementary students bring lunch and a drink from home or order from our Hot Lunch Program. When packing your child’s lunch, please keep in mind how much or how little he/she actually eats. For young children, a half sandwich is normally better than a whole one, and fresh fruits, sliced into bite-sized pieces, are preferable to canned fruits prepared with sugar. Please also ensure that the containers used can be easily opened. We encourage you to think about nutrition when packing lunch: Soda pop and highly sugared drinks are discouraged. Filtered water is always available at the school. The school provides dishes, glasses, napkins and cutlery for all students.

The Hot Lunch Program provided by:

Choices Market, a local, BC owned and operated retailer of natural, organic and specialty foods. Choices is a strong supporter of not only the farmers, but also local organizations that work towards building healthy, sustainable communities such as Lions Gate. The hot lunch menu was created by one of the Choices dietitians and offers nutrition education through themes: fair trade, non-GMO, gluten-free, organic, vegetarian, and local lunches. Available two times per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, each meal will have a Main (with a vegetarian option) and a side of veggies and/or fruit and an option for drink and dessert. Food will be served family-style to reduce packaging waste.


Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. founded by Suzanne & Dominic Fielden had a bold vision to create a family restaurant that could , “change the world one slice of pizza at a time.” They partnered with Chef Oliver Zulauf to create a healthy & delicious flatbread menu using sustainably produced, local food that connects the farm, family & community.

Please log in to view each month’s menu under “School Forms” for full details. Online ordering for Hot Lunches is open throughout the month.

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