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“All work is noble, the only ignoble thing is to live without working”Dr. Maria Montessori

We love meeting people who are interested in joining our team!  Our ideal candidates are a positive, open-minded, and dedicated individuals who enjoy the company of children and working in a team environment.

Positions Available for September 2018:
Primary Co-Directress  – Must have AMI Primary Diploma, ECE, and BC Teacher’s Certification
Primary Assistant – Must have ECE or ECEA

Please keep in mind that we hold high standards for those whom we invite to join our family of dedicated staff members. We are not merely looking for someone who has done X, Y or Z and is searching for a “job” but rather someone who wishes to join a community that aligns with his/her personal passion and vision of Montessori education.

LGMS is a very special place – it’s a community that I look forward to participating in each and every day. I do everything I can to make sure every staff member and each student can say the same thing. If you have the passion and dedication to the Montessori approach as we have established, then we’d love to meet you.

We work with our staff the way we expect our staff to work with our students – making our expectations clear and providing helpful guidance. So, please keep the following points in mind:


In the words of Maria Montessori, “The real preparation for education is the study of one’s self. The training of the teacher is something far more than the learning of ideas. It includes the training of character; it is a preparation of the spirit.”

Whether you are applying for a position as an Assistant, Support Staff or Teacher (Director/Guide), do a little homework before meeting with us.  Learn about our school by exploring our website, take the time to observe and be well-versed in Montessori education as well as the code of conduct, standards, and guidelines expected of you as a professional working with children entrusted to us by their families.


Honesty, integrity, and trust are at the core of my personal value system and that of LGMS. Trust is everything when working with students and their families. Working with students is complex. We take very seriously, how our attitudes and actions can affect each and every child. With so much on the line, we expect our candidates to be completely honest when answering our questions.

Note that you will be probed as to why a previous job didn’t work out.  It’s okay if you were laid off or even fired!  Be honest.  If it wasn’t the right fit or if mistakes were made, tell us why and how you’ve grown since.  Doing so is far more honourable than lying about why something happened and not taking ownership for your actions.  Everyone makes mistakes, but we need to know that you are a person who is self-reflective and has the potential to grow from your mistakes. We need to have confidence that you are able to do the job required of you at the level of our expectations, and you need to trust that we will support you: We can only do that if you are honest about your shortcomings.

“Not words, but virtues, are her main qualifications.”  –  Dr. Maria Montessori, Discovery of the Child


It’s all about the process – the journey of helping each child incarnate. It’s not about checking off a list of presentations, lessons, and activities. Instead, it’s demonstrating that you understand how to apply the Montessori approach so as to inspire, motivate and guide students towards achieving their personal best with patience, creativity, and joyful discipline.

All new staff must undergo a probation period. Successful candidates are able to show me that they value the process of helping students reach their full potential in an open-minded and compassionate manner.  If you are a new teacher and not yet adept at applying the theory, we expect you to have the humility to ask for help and accept guidance from senior staff and supervisors. It’s a journey for you as well!


There is no such thing as an irrelevant question. We are taking the time to get to know you and want you to make the most of our interview to get to know us!


“It is not enough for the teacher to love the child. She must first love and understand the universe. She must prepare herself, and truly work at it.” Dr. Maria Montessori

Show us you love working with children, love learning with them, and most of all, have a love for life. Teachers provide the emotional and psychological environment for our students to flourish. If we want them to lead fulfilling lives for themselves, we need to ensure that they see this in us –  as passionate, joyous professionals.

We are also interested in those who are interested in us.  We are not going to force a fit. So, show us why you want to be on our team. Fulfilled and successful staff at our school enjoy expressing themselves at their peak capacity because they love what they do! We’re incredibly passionate about our mission, vision, and work, and we need to see that you are too.

I personally interview all of the candidates that we consider giving offers to. Thanks for taking the time to read this, and best of luck! – Riza Weinstein


  • Competitive salaries commensurate with experience and education
  • Extended-Health and Dental Plans
  • Travel and Life Insurance
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Professional Development Reimbursements
  • RRSP Contributions
  • A warm, supportive, and diverse community that invites you to fulfill your own unique potential!


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